Sam Edney

Four-time Canadian Olympian | Olympic Silver Medallist | World Cup Winner


Hello Friends.

I've been noticing frequently on various social media feeds that winter athletes are getting back into competitive mode. All around the globe, substituting the weight rooms and gym floors for ice, snow or some other form of cold h2o to play on. That hashtag, #winteriscoming or whatever it is that gets people fired up for Game of Thrones?? I haven't watched, but EFF I love that hashtag, I swear it's meant for winter athletes to use at this time of year!

It's very true though, winter is just around the corner. For some, it's already arrived ... I'm thinking of those athletes searching for an early start in the Southern Hemisphere. For those who didn't fly South, they're North now. My buddy, American Luge athlete Chris Mazdzer, just took his first runs down the '94 Olympic Luge track today in Norway, just a few hours from being in the Arctic Circle. Skiers are soon to ski, skaters are sooner to skate. Winter is about to happen.

What I'm trying to get to is, frick, I'm missing this time of year right now. Because unlike all the winter athletes out there. I am not traveling north, or up a mountain, flying across an ocean, waxing my skis or sharpening my blades. Nope. I'm sitting at a desk reading a case study ...

So whats the deal, Sam? 

Well that's the reason I started writing this, part procrastination from said case study, and part just needing to talk, or write, or blah something blah. 

I haven't retired. Im not retiring. Im just tired. 

My body. It was breaking down. I battled all of last season with injuries that just didn't want to disappear. I was dealing with a serious sports hernia that gave me constant daily pain. Back issues. Neck pain. Shoulder issues. The list goes on. 16 years of competing had taken its toll. 

My mind. It was burnt out. I love sport. I love competing. I love racing. I love training. After Sochi 2014 different story, there was a lot more hate than there was love. I was struggling and in a mindset or "rut" that was getting deeper each day. My mind needed a break. 

My life. My life has been sport centred for so long, 16 years long. It dawned on me, after asking myself and with the help of others (thanks mom!). What the heck am I after this? What do I do? I needed a life plan PS, post sport. And that's how we end up here, at this case study.

I'm enrolled at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. And am super stoked that I will be finished a BCom by next summer. Im equally stoked that I will be healed up (I'm rehabbing this silly hernia and all my other issues daily now after a solid non-surgical healing break) by late winter. Just in time for late season sled testing in Whistler!! Mostly, Im excited for my mind, to be filled with knowledge and a fresh new mindset. 

LAST, Im doing this as I believe it will best prepare me for Peyongchang 2018, and even further, for a successful transition into the years after that final race. And that makes me feel pretty ready about #winteriscoming.

High Fives

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